sreda, 10. september 2008

Nadaljnje informacije so dobrodosle


s tem se zakljucil svoj blog o Bosnjakih na soski fronti. Zaenkrat. Bil bi zelo hvalezen, ce mi lahko posredujete nove informacije oziroma fotografije. Lep pozdrav vsem skupaj,

Dear all,

I finished my blog. For now. If you have any new information or photo about Bosniaks inthe first world war, please let me know. I will be very grateful. Have a nice day,

Ahmed Pasic

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Amali pravi ...

Please translate your blog into English or Malay

Bosniak pravi ...

Dear Amali,

Thank you for your comment. I am preparing updated book in Slovenian language which should be published in 2 years. At the same time we will translate the book into English and post it online as well. :) Hope we wil be able to make an arrangement with strong foreign publishing house which will offer English version to English speaking audience. That is my strong wish.

Alex pravi ...

Wonderful blog, thank you! I'm from Trieste / Trst, very close to Slovenia, and I'm really fascinated by that bit of history (i.e. BiH 1878-1918). I really hope a book from yours will be published, better if in English, but even in Slovenian would be good.

SM Talich pravi ...

My grandfather fought with the Austro-Hungarian army in that region.
He often mentioned the Italian Front....some place called ``Corvare`or something such in northern Italy.
He was also a Halal cook in the army and would recite the recipes for the foods he had prepared throughout the war. Beans were a favourite.
Sometime by the war`s end....he was wounded and transferred to a hospital in Budapest.
Now that`s when the story would get `juicy` and I`d hear all about the infamous Hungarian nurses in that hospital.
He`d teach me to count in Hungarian...while my old grandmother would be cursing again (`cause of the Hungarian nurses....`SHUTI TI MRCINO STARA.....Be quiet you old fool she`d be yelling at him....because of the nurses....hi...hi..)
And year-after-year I`d hear the same stories every winter....
His name was Saban Talic...and he was from Sehovci, Sanski Most.

Bosniak pravi ...

Talich, can you please send me an email to I am interested into story of your grandfather. My parents are also from Sanski Most: father from Caplje and mother from Pobrijezje. :)