torek, 23. avgust 2011

Bosniaks in Vienna before WWI

I am posting a photo from the book "The Emperor's Bosniaks". It is showing Bosniaks on the streets of Vienna in 1911. They were ordered to supress demonstrations. They were known as tough and disciplined soldiers.

People rioted because of inflation, prices were increasing on daily basis. Demonstrations were violent and emperor was afraid things will cause total disorder in the city. That is the reason why they called Bosniaks to pacify situation. Soon after they appeared on Vienna streets, they put situation under control. They were so tough against demonstrators that they earned bad nickname. Instead of BH (Bosnian-Herzegovian) they were now called Bosniak Hunde. In translation, it means "Bosniak dogs".

Just three years later, they were celebrated as elite troops in Austro-Hungarian army.

Dr. Ahmed Pasic

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