torek, 30. avgust 2011

Emperor Franz Joseph in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1910

Austro-Hungarian Emperor, Franz Joseph, visited Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1910, two years after official annexation.

After he visited Sarajevo, he went to Herzegovina where he stopped at Jablanica and then in Mostar. There was a big preparation for his visit and on these three photos you can see Emperor crossing the Old bridge in Mostar. You can see the bridge is covered by carpets so that the Emperor didn't slip.

On the first photo you can see two Bosniaks, dressed in national dress and fully armed, waiting for Emperor as guards at the bridge. In between you can see two kids, holding bread and salt. This is old Slavic tradition to welcome the winners or rulers.

Third photo is showing Emperor, inspecting BH4, unit of Austro-Hungarian army where Bosniaks from Herzegovina served. Emperor didn't know at that time that these guys will defend western line of his Empire against Italians only five years later. It is also these guys who built a mosque in Slovenian valley, named Log pod Mangartom in 1916.

Dr. Ahmed Pasic

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